Nowadays, because of prevalence of photography, portrait painting is somewhat underestimated. If you are looking for an unforgettable gift for someone, maybe portrait would be a great idea? Below approximate prices, depending on the formats, are given. Final price is always determined individually.

50 × 60 cm 180€
50 × 70 cm 210€
60 × 80 cm 300€


Portrait painted as a gift for Majka's birthday. It was ordered by her brother Chris. We all decided, that it will be a picture with restrained colour and the only colourful accent will be the orange held in Majka's hands.

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A portrait of my neighbour Danielle, Brazilian girl, who has been living in Dublin for few years. For emphasizing her beauty I used sunny yellow colour. This portrait is promoting my exhibition in The Hunt Museum in Limerick.
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Klaudia is a very energetic person. As a coach, she helps people, motivating them to self improvement. I painted this picture using her favourite colours: green and violet.

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Portrait of Mikolaj was ordered by his brother Maciek. They see each other rarely. But despite that they are joined by strong brotherly love.

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