My story

Hello everybody… I would like to introduce myself. My name is Pawel and I’m an artist and a designer. I also would like to tell a short story about myself.

I was born in wonderful village Grodek by the Dunajec river, (Poland). It is a picturesque place with trees, a lake and a small island in the middle of it, called Monkey Island. By the way, I wonder, why I had never seen any monkey there, till I was 15 and left my family home...

Since I can remember I have always drawn and painted, making a lot of mess around me.

When I decided to start in art school I met with a wall off prejudices. One day my grandmother asked me: ”My boy, how will you survive, if You can't even drive the tractor”.


After my studies I moved to Ireland for new experiences, better work and adventure, and... for Irish breakfast. For a long, long time I worked as a waiter and then as a night shift general assistant a Tesco store. Usually I was exhausted after shift, but in my free time...

pawel kopia

I painted women... BIG women... I have given exhibitions in Poland, Ireland and Latvia under the auspices of Polish Embassy in Riga. You may think that I was mad, working below my qualifications. No, I wasn't. It was a great time for me. Each day I looked at hundreds of thousands of products, all different brands. I saw packagings, labels, colours, forms and design. It was my secret 9-years-studies of design!


I currently run my own business, named Tree Art Studio. A place where business meets art. There is a huge laboratory inside my head. I love experimenting with lots of different materials. I use wood, glass, ceramics, fabrics to make magnets, mugs, cups, bags, etc. My firm is also connected with few other friendly businesses to have wider range of unique gadgets. So now, why not browse my website and see more?

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